15 things that are more important to me than GBBO and Brangelina


  • That my boiler has broken and I had to wash my hair in ice-cold water today.
  • Syria. Syrians. Any and all issues pertaining to Syria and Syrians.
  • Getting the balance right between having my bedroom window open and turning my home into a spider frathouse. There’s a specific autumnal day where the shift takes place, and I’m staying vigilant.
  • My sock rolling down inside my boot.
  • That sociopathic hairdo getting the keys to the West Wing
  • The upside down dead frog in the school playground. Frankly, he looks as if he welcomed death.
  • Women carrying their handbags in the crook of their arm, as though ready to catch a Jack Russell if it happens to fall from the sky.
  • A study I read today that says reading books prolongs your life. I am now literally immortal.
  • Now that I’m immortal, I’m going to start smoking again with a vengeance. The RED Marlboro this time, too.
  • The time that Kate tried to say ‘pocket money’ and said ‘mucky ponnet’.
  • On Tuesday I quoted Shaun of the Dead in a meeting and literally nobody got it. I just. I mean. What? There is no excuse.
  • That in the news this week it was reported that a ‘highly intelligent Oxford student’ had been arrested for sexually assaulting a woman. I don’t care for details about HIM. His IQ is not the point.
  • That when I walk the kids to school I know almost everyone on the way. This gives me earth-mothery smugness, and I’m very happy that I know every last one of you.
  • That my daughter is worried that Britain no longer wants to be friends with other countries. She thinks that makes us baddies.
  • Toby Ziegler. I don’t care if he’s fictional. I’m all in, baby.

So, what’s your 15????


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